Onyx Adjusting is a qualified and seasoned public adjusting company located in Toronto. Providing services to homeowners, businesses and corporate entities to resolve their property insurance claims. As licensed home insurance adjusters, we have built a reputation for handling claims throughout the province of Ontario.

Our staff has previously worked for insurance companies as in-house adjusters, independent adjusters, and are now public insurance adjusters. We have the experience and knowledge of the insurance industry combined with engineers, accountants, lawyers and other experts to make sure you get maximum compensation for your damages.

We created Onyx Adjusting – the Adjusters Insurance with the idea in mind to hold insurance companies accountable for what is owed and to a higher standard of claims services. And while the insurance industry is becoming more litigious, our goal is to make the public aware that such firms like ours exist.

Licensed Insurance Adjuster
Experts filing claim process


What makes us proud is our connection with our clients and superior customer service. You will feel amazed at how we address your concerns even before you provide us with the full details. Showcasing our knowledge of the claims process.

As we strive to become the most recognized Public Adjusting Company in Toronto, it gives you an excellent advantage while working with us. Our aim is to get your insurance funds as quickly as possible besides relieving you from the harassment or demands of the insurance companies.

Our home insurance adjuster and public adjusters in Toronto will initiate your process quickly. Just call.


Our dedicated network of professionals are here to assist and work on your behalf to provide you with the best possible settlement.

  • General Contractors who have years of experience working for insurance companies. By Using the same software that insurance companies use on a daily basis, it makes it easier for them to agree with us on specific items since it is comprehensive and clear to understand.


  • Our contents specialist work with you to make sure that every item is documented and properly priced before submission to the insurance company. Involving experts from multiple industries for accountability.


  • Specialized Insurance Forensic Accountants that work with us to make sure that your businesses loss of profits is accurately calculated and paid out accordingly.


  • Insurance defense lawyers who are ready to act on behalf of policyholders should any problems arise. Such as policy wording ambiguity, coverage denials, or filing a statement of claim.


  • Forensic Engineers that specialize in insurance claims. Working with us to provide an unbiased and clear opinion of structural, mechanical, or environmental issues. With the ability to test for mould and/or asbestos when needed.



Check below to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Our adjusters are ready to answer any questions should you call in as well.

Why choose a public adjuster?
Besides the fact that they know how the claims process works, hiring a public adjuster consistently results in greater compensation and faster settlements.
How long do I have to file a claim?
It is best to file a claim as soon as possible. Most insurance policies contain a one year or two year limitation period. This can be found in the limitation clause of the policy.
How much does a public adjuster charge?
We charge a fee percentage of the total amount we collect for your claim. Fees vary based on the size of the claim and can range from 10 to 20 percent.
How long will it take to settle my claim?
Each claim is circumstantial and can vary depending on the type of loss and size of the claim. It could take as a little as a month or up to two years.
When can I hire a public adjuster?
A public adjuster can be hired anytime before a settlement is reached with the insurance company. The earlier the better.
Do I have to mitigate further damage after a loss?
Yes, policyholders are required to prevent damages from getting worse should they have the opportunity to.
Are there any upfront costs?
There are no upfront costs associated with our services. Any possible disbursements will be transparent and clear.
What if my house is not livable?
Typically, Homeowner policies provide coverage for additional living expenses (A.L.E.) which compensates you for comparable temporary housing while your home is not livable.
Does a public adjuster need to be licensed?
Yes, public adjusters need to be licensed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario in order to act on behalf of a policyholder.
Do I have to use the insurance company’s contractor?
No. The policyholder can choose to use any restoration company that they would like to conduct the repairs.
Does the insurance company adjuster work for me?
The short answer is No. That adjuster works for you insurance company. They get paid by your insurance company. It is their job to represent the insurance company and minimize payments.
My claim has been denied, is there anything I can do?
We can definitely review your claim to see why it has been denied and discuss it with your insurance carrier. We have successful overturned many denials in the past.


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