Do You Want to Get a Water Damage Insurance Claim?

Flooded basement, floating furniture, financial fears? Don’t let water damage drown your peace of mind. At Onyx Adjusting, Toronto’s trusted insurance claim adjusters, we understand the chaos and confusion you’re facing. IT’S OUR PROMISE TO STAND BY YOUR SIDE until you get the water damage claim. We will take care of the whole process so you can focus on what matters most – getting your life back on track. Here’s how we can help with home insurance water damage claims:

  • In fire damage situations, we document and photograph the damage before the start of emergency services and conduct a thorough assessment.
  • This evaluation is important for determining your claim amount and reimbursement. Our network of contractors can perform a Water Mapping assessment. This helps pinpoint where the water has flowed and reveals the full extent of the damage it has caused.
  • The home insurance water damage claims process can be time-consuming and bothersome. Let expert adjusters like us handle it so you can focus on maintaining a healthy life as much as possible.
  • We negotiate the highest possible settlement on your behalf. We pay attention to even the smallest details of home insurance’s water damage coverage. This ensures you can return to the safest, most secure home or business.

Most insurance policies have standardized coverage for recurring problems like pipe bursts. Surprisingly, only about half of Canadians understand the extent of their water damage coverage. IT’S ADVISABLE TO CONSULT WITH A PUBLIC ADJUSTER BEFORE SETTLING WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. This ensures you fully benefit from your home insurance’s water damage coverage.

Are You Eligible for Water Damage Claims?

Water damage can cause serious problems to your property’s systems and structure. Curious about claiming for water damage? It’s crucial to determine your eligibility when water causes trouble. Check out the following scenarios for home insurance coverage related to water damage.

  • Burst Pipes: You wake up to find your kitchen flooded after a pipe burst during the night. Water has damaged cabinets, flooring, and appliances. It’s usually covered by most policies, assuming the burst was sudden and accidental due to water pressure or freezing temperatures.
  • Water Heater Explosion: If your aging water heater bursts, spraying hot water and causing damage to nearby walls, tiles, and electrical wiring, it may be covered, depending on the cause. If the damage is a result of wear and tear or lack of maintenance, it could potentially be excluded from coverage. Be sure to examine your policy for specific clauses related to appliance coverage.
  • Storm Damage: A severe storm with high winds and hail damages your roof, causing leaks and water infiltration into the attic and upper rooms. It is covered if the damage is sudden and accidental. Verify your policy covers wind and hail damage, and document the storm occurrence with photos and weather reports.
  • Ice Damming: Melting snow from the roof accumulates ice dams under the eaves. It causes water to back up and seep into the attic and upper walls. Some policies offer optional endorsements for ice dam damage. Check your policy and consider adding this coverage if you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall.

We can assist you in finding evidence of water damage to your house or business, as per the geography and location. Experience has taught us to look for clues of water damage to your property. We, the best water damage insurance adjusters in Toronto, will watch for even minor water damage. WE WORK TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU RIGHTFULLY GET THE CLAIM YOU DESERVE.

Water Damage Insurance Claim

Sometimes, your house can have water problems from burst pipes or leaks, especially in areas with tough weather conditions. This can cause issues like broken plumbing and water getting into homes, leading to damaged furniture, weakened structures, and damp walls. Wetness can also create a strange smell. It’s essential to address this by airing out the place or, in severe cases, replacing damaged parts.

The health problems related to water damage are also quite serious if you let them linger on for a long time. Not fixing water damage can cause breathing, skin, and blood circulation issues. This is because it facilitates the festering of a variety of bacteria and viruses in the air. Proper circulation and timely evaluation of the affected areas is important.

When applying for a home insurance water damage claim, thoroughly inspect your home for water damage and moisture. Don’t just rely on insurance companies or their contractors; check it yourself or contact us. This inspection determines the value of your claim. We, your insurance adjusters, are here to help you get an insurance claim for water damage.