• Type of Damage: Oil Escape
  • Settlement amount: $139,110.20

We did not feel our insurance company had our best interests at mind and Vick came highly recommended. Vick exceeded out expectations and went out of his way on several occasions to help us understand what we were entitled to and walked us through what we were responsible for. This was a stressful time for our family and Vick was very understanding, available and never made us feel like just a number. Vick ended up getting us the maximum amount that we were full entitled to and made sure that we were taken care of during the entire time of our open claim. Hiring Vick allowed us to feel more secure with the process and have more control over our loss. We highly recommend Vick to anyone that is making an insurance claim and wants to ensure the best possible outcome! Amanda & Nathaniel Gliddon

  • Type of Damage: Water
  • Settlement amount: $17,164.18

Vick was instrumental in helping me and my family get the most out of our claim. Vick was always professional and took the time to explain things to us. We are so grateful to Vick for all his help. I highly recommend his service for anyone having issues with their insurance company. Gloria Pecchia

  • Type of Damage: Sewer Backup
  • Settlement amount: $1,024,266.73

I want to thank ONYX adjusting for their help with our long and frustrating insurance claim. Vick helped guide us through a rough period of time where we knew very little of the industry. Vick was able to get our company over $300,000 more than what the insurance company was offering. Their knowledge, professionalism and hard work negotiating on our behalf resulted in a very substantial increase in our insurance settlement and for this we thank you. Zil Ye