Property completely destroyed by storm

Storm Damage’ is an umbrella term which can include damage caused by, but is not to be limited to, Water, Wind, and Hail. During a storm, the roofing system is one of the first items to be compromised and destroyed by strong winds. Additional damage can be seen to your eavestroughs, downspouts, and siding of your property. Which creates an opening and allows Water infiltration into the property as a concurrent event following a storm.

Hail, sometimes the size of a golf ball, can bring extensive damage to the exterior of the property from all angles. Which again, may lead to subsequent Water damage as the opening created allows for Water Infiltration. Your standard insurance policy usually covers these damages.

Even though you might’ve been insured, knowing exactly how to file the claim and what you are able to claim for, as far as the amount is concerned, is usually unknown. Allow us to guide you through the process and help you get the financial help you deserve in such devastating times.

An overview of the damage you can expect during a storm is given below:

  • Hailstorms- The roof is the most commonly damaged part of a home or business during a hailstorm. The other areas that may be affected include the skylight, windows and sidings, trees and plants, and even exterior appliances like AC/HVAC units. Hail storms are particularly hard on outside structures like gazebos, fountains and statues, as well.
  • Windstorm- The intensity of a windstorm can cause structures of your property to lift. These damages can include wrecked roofing systems, broken outdoor pipes, downed power lines, and fallen trees/branches. If not properly inspected, hidden damages can amount to hundreds of dollars as openings into the interior are created as a result.
  • Hurricanes- Coastal areas are prone to having the worst types of hurricanes. Hurricane damage is a cocktail of water/wind damage, and when combined creates additional damage done inside the property. It can look a lot like backed up sewers, broken pipelines and flooding, in addition to shattered shingles and damaged landscaping by falling trees and other debris.

Storms and hurricanes not only destroy properties and structures but bring life to a slow and emotionally dull halt. The process can become burdensome and might overpower your strength to fight back. It is strongly advisable to hire experts to take the lead rather than taking insurance matters in your hands so that you can deal with the damage in whichever constructive and healthy way as it suits you. We will support you in:

  • Making sure you are fully paid what is owed to you by reviewing your present insurance policy in detail.
  • Enabling you to correctly assess all the damage that your establishment has borne in the event, including, but not limited to, water, wind, and hail damage.
  • Taking the lead on technical matters related to your claim so that it does not become a hassle for you and you can direct your strength in focusing on renovations and resuming your business.
  • Settling the claim diligently and satisfactorily so that you can be assured of enough resources while rebuilding.

Insurance companies are usually flooded with claims after a substantial storm event and might not be looking thoroughly for related damages, resulting in a potentially disastrous mishap later. Significant delays may be experienced in trying to reach your insurance company adjuster. And they may push a quick cash settlement as they process numerous claims during a storm. We will assist in making sure such a scenario does not exist or come to pass. Enabling your family and business to remain secure and restart on solid foundations.