Fire Damage Claim

The damage caused by fire to your home is probably the most physically and emotionally exhausting experience you can go through! Especially when it comes to extensive damage caused to your property and possessions. Fire escalates quickly, and the resulting harm can range from mild to fatal. Due to the nature of the damage, the chances of a complete reconstruction of your property can increase. It is because the lost possessions are mostly unaccounted for. This includes burnt furnishings and appliances that are rarely in a repairable condition.
Fire damage also opens the door wide open for smoke damage, and when combined, they may cost you thousands of dollars. Appliances might look okay, but there can always be a probable internal malfunction in them. It’s because of the intense heat that gets to them. The black walls and burnt furniture stains from the smoke make it impossible to investigate the actual extent of damage done to the area.

Smoke migration should always be inspected as an addition in case of a fire incident. Soot stains and deposits that rest in cracks and crannies should be examined. A lot of patience is required to go through the entire process of evaluation. That’s why most people prefer to hire public adjusters to represent their insurance interests when it comes to measuring the damage.

What Happens Immediately After?

Immediately after a fire incident occurs, the homeowner is busy managing the emotional hurt. Due to this, they may overlook the practicalities required to bring immediate financial relief. It is quite understandable and reasonable to be stunned. Fire lays so many things to waste that are of sentimental, monetary and practical value. It can even take several days to realize the extent of the entire situation. Hiring us will make sure that your fire damage claim is in the most able hands. Along with it, the insurance company will not be able to play with your emotional state for their benefit.

Some probable damages done to a property in case of a fire are:

  • Formational damage to structures such as walls, beams, floor and roof. Wooden structures face the brunt of fires the most. Concrete is also ruined in a fire, but it can be restored.
  • Damage to appliances and furnishings can cause internal damage to the wires and electrical chips embedded in them.
  • Smoke damage that is apparent in the soot deposits, greasing and burnt smell, should be properly examined before the claim is settled.

Here is when we can help you in taking care of your legalities while you take care of your emotional injury. We ensure that the insurance company fulfills its promise, and you get the justified amount to rebuild your damaged property.

You Need a Public Adjuster Because:

It is quite the norm to file fire loss claims without the help of a public adjuster. It’s because people are still unaware of the advantages they bring to the table. Some of these are noted below:

  • The assessment of the damage is double-checked, and you can be sure that no harm to your personal property is overlooked
  • We are able to negotiate higher settlements as we have the upper hand when it comes to experience in the insurance field.
  • We relieve the irritated policyholder of the complicated procedures involved in filing claims.
  • You can always count on us to provide you with an accurate analysis and valuation of your damaged property.
  • You can entirely focus on rebuilding and rehabilitating your affected home or business life.

Our Services

We offer you guidance on your insurance coverages and level the playing field with the fire damage insurance claim company. We make sure your damages are valued and compensated correctly. We also provide expert advice on any rejected claims, as most insurance companies are reluctant to fulfill a claim in its entirety. We can guide you through the process, too, step-by-step, of filing a successful claim. We aim to obtain the maximum amount possible for the financial trauma you are facing. We do so by helping you so that it is sufficient to restructure your damages.

When one suffers the loss of a property acquired after working hard for so many years, it becomes difficult not to feel let down and to fight for one’s rights. You can count on us to fight for you and with you whenever you are up for it. We consult, guide and represent you through those tough times.

At Onyx Adjusting, we take care of our clients. We treat each claim as if it were our own. We help people through the hardships that arise during the claims process and ultimately guide them toward a better future.